17-18-19 OCT 2024

BBFEC – Dhaka – Bangladesh
(Bangabandhu Bangladesh China Friendship Exhibition Centre)

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Labotica Summit 2024

3-4-5 JULY 2024


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In today's fast-paced world, staying ahead of the curve is crucial. Our panel discussion offers a unique opportunity for delegates to delve deep into the most pressing issues and emerging opportunities within the [industry/topic]. Whether you're a seasoned professional, an aspiring entrepreneur, or a curious enthusiast, this event is tailored to provide valuable insights and foster meaningful connections.

A panel discussion is a dynamic and engaging way to explore complex topics, foster debate, and share knowledge among experts and audiences alike.

Asia Labex

Labotica Summit Schedule

Day 1 : Panel Discussion


Development of Sustainable Quality Culture in Pharma, Role of Regulatory Framework, Automation & Workforce, Medical Devices

03 JULY 2024

Helipad Exhibition Center, Gandhinagar

Meet our Moderator

Asia Labex

Mr. Manoj Sharma

Head Quality : Unichem Pharma

Meet our Day 1 - Prestigious Panelist

Sandeep Diwaker : Labotica Summit 2024

Mr. Sandeep Diwaker

Vice President : Mackur Laboratories

Dr. Kailash Asati - Labotica Summit 2024

Dr. Kailash Asati

Head ARD : Zydus Research Centre

Dr. Manoj Gadhvi - Labotica Summit 2024

Dr. Manoj Gadhvi

Asst. Commissioner : FDCA Gujarat

Dr Gaurav Pratap Singh - Labotica Simmit 2024

Dr. Gaurav Pratap Singh

Senior Principal Scientific Officer : IPC

Dr. Sandeep R. Rana

Dr. Sandeep R. Rana

Deputy Director : Piramal Pharma

Day 2 - Panel Discussion

Preclinical and Clinical Research

1) Translational Research: Bridging the Gap between Preclinical and Clinical Studies
2) Emerging Technologies in Preclinical and Clinical Research
3) Patient-Centric Approaches in Preclinical and Clinical Research
4) Regulatory Compliance- Good Laboratory - Practice (GLP) and Good Clinical Practice (GCP)

04 JULY 2024

Helipad Exhibition Center, Gandhinagar

Meet our Day 2 - Prestigious Panelist

Vikas Trivedi - Labotica Summit 2024

Dr. Vikas Trivedi

Asst. GM : Veeda Clinical Research

Dr. Dharmesh Domalia - Labotica Summit 2024

Dr. Dharmesh Domadia

VP-Global Clinical Operations : Cliantha Research

Anjali Narkhede - Labotica Summit 2024

Ms. Anjali Narkhede

Head - QA & RA : Zydus Lifesciences Ltd.

Chirag Patel - Labotica Summit 2024

Mr. Chirag Patel

Asst. GM - QA : Lambda Therapeutic Research Lrd.

Arani Chaterjee - Labotica Summit 2024

Dr. Arani Chatterjee

Joint President - CRO : Cadila Pharmaceuticals Limited

Meet our Moderator

Dr. Srinivas Seekallu - Labotica Summit 2024

Dr. Srinivas Seekallu

Head Pre-Clinical Research : Anthem Biosciences

Day 3 : Panel Discussion

Biosimilars and Peptide

1) Analytical Characterization of - Biosimilars
2) Analytical Techniques for - peptide Analysis
3) Biosimilars Characterization -
   a) UP SCALE

05 JULY 2024

Helipad Exhibition Center, Gandhinagar

Meet our Moderator

Vaibhav Dubey - AsiaLabex 2024

Dr. Vaibhav Dubey

G.M : Kashiv Biosciences

Meet our Day 3 - Prestigious Panelist

Mr. Dhananjay Dwivedi - Asia Lbex 2024 Gandhinagar

Mr. Dhananjay Dwivedi

Vice President : Amneal

Dr. Sujata Haider

Dr. Sujata Halder

Zydus Lifesciences

Asia Labex

Mr. Om Narayan

Sr. Vice President : Kashiv Bioscience

Mr Ashish Gupta

Mr. Ashish Gupta

Co-Founder & Executive Director Ortiv Q3 Research Pvt. Ltd.

Knowledge Session :
“NABL Accreditation and its benefits”

4 JULY 2024 | 3:00 PM Onwards

  1. Explain the importance and relevance of NABL accreditation.
  2. Outline the process of obtaining NABL accreditation and the criteria involved.
  3. Highlight the benefits and advantages of being NABL accredited, such as improved quality assurance, increased customer confidence, and international recognition.
  4. Address any queries regarding the accreditation process and its implementation within an institution.
Dr Bhumi Rajyaguru : Asia Labex 2024

Dr Bhumi Rajyaguru

Deputy Director - NABL Ahemdabad

Labotica Summit




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